Why .ms?

Exploring the .ms domain: uncover the whys behind your registrar decision

Why register for .ms domain?

  • It is almost impossible to get your preferred easy to remember name in the .COM name space.  However, chances of getting a similar if not better name at the .MS name space are still very high.
  • There are only 35,000 one-word domain .com and .net names still available that use English words and phrases.  Get your preferred name with a .ms extension.
  • Avoid unnecessary re-branding.  Your business name is also your Internet Identity!
  • Even if you do not immediately require a web site, a domain name can be used to provide for a unique permanent email address.
  • Domain names give your company a degree of credibility on the Internet.  If you want to do business on the Internet, a domain name is essential.  Choose .ms